On February 11th, we were featured in an article about our upcoming public beta test on the well known Put This On website. The article is called “Futurist Fashion: How Digital Technologies Could Revolutionize Made-to-Measure”. Here is an excerpt:

To get that data, Tailored is offering a special deal whereby you can get a made-to-measure suit for the highly discounted price of a few hundred Euros. The catch? It has to be a suit, and you can only choose certain fabrics (this allows them to more easily compare how the garments turned out across a range of people). You also have to be present for the fitting and delivery, as they need to see how the garment looks on you. Since the company is based in Amsterdam, they can most easily see customers at their headquarters. However, they’re also taking names of people in other cities who are interested in this promotion. If there are enough people in a particular location, they’ll make a trip. Tailored will cover European cities.

Read the rest of the article here: https://putthison.com/how-digital-technologies-could-revolutionize-made-to-measure/