The Digital Revolution of Bespoke Tailoring

Tailored was founded in 2016 on the belief that deriving a custom suit from a standard pattern is simply not correct. In Bespoke Tailoring, tailors draft an initial pattern based on body measurements, then fit and alter. A tailor could also do without much of the fitting if he could draft with superhuman math abilities. That is what we’ve done. We’ve poured decades of Bespoke drafting knowledge into an algorithm. The price of Made to Measure, a fit that approaches Bespoke.

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Revolution In The Made To Measure Industry

For years, we, as bespoke tailors, had been frustrated by the limitations of the made-to-measure concepts available worldwide. Not a single one was able to deliver a perfectly fitting suit right out of the box, without trial and error, while retailers – because of increasing demand and competition in the market – had to make that exact promise to their customers – a perfectly fitting suit for a significantly lower price than traditional bespoke. A promise that can simply not be kept with the way the made-to-measure industry works – resulting in high alteration costs, disappointed customers, and frustrated employees. So, we set out to change that. Age-old secrets of the trade, literally passed down from (great-)grandfather to father, from father to son, from master to apprentice, met with a 21st century mindset – we set out to “clone” ourselves into our self-developed patternmaking software, which drafts patterns according to the rules of traditional bespoke – Complicated mathematical functions, trigonometry, anatomy, algorithms – accounting for every single variable imaginable. It’s the power of let’s say, 20 bespoke tailors making one unique pattern, each providing their own input, paired with as much data as possible about the customer, in a fraction of a second.


Revolution in the Retail Market

More Profit, Less Effort, More Enjoyment, Better Products.


Dynamic patterns drafted the bespoke way


Unique measuring and patternmaking system


Intuitive, visual and white label web-app order system


Easy to teach, easy to use, better results and higher profits


Take measurements in just 15 minutes

3D Scanning

100% ready and compatible with 3D body scanners

Plug and Play

No fitting knowledge required


Sustainable manufacturing facilities in Portugal

Public Beta Test

Tailored has developed an algorithm that drafts a bespoke quality pattern, for use in Made to Measure suits. We’ve poured decades of hands-on bespoke drafting knowledge into our algorithm and the result is a fit that approaches bespoke but at the price of Made to Measure. Founded in 2016, we are now ready for a large-scale beta test and will offer our product at a heavily discounted price. We are looking for bodies that break our algorithm, as every time it does, we improve it. Frustrated with Made to Measure or want to try something new? Apply now.

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About us

‘While 2 of the 4 people on our team are Bespoke Tailors, we are first and foremost an IT company. Our aim is to fully automate what Bespoke Tailors have been doing for hundreds of years, allowing everyone to enjoy clothing that is made specifically for them.’

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